Divided we fall… Moja ninguvu!
  I love the Bosso emblem and motto.. SIYINQABA.. loosely translated to We are a fortress.  It denotes unity of purpose and strength.

Zimbabwe Warriors fans are divided. Yesterday I was taken aback by some of the posts and comments before and during the Warriors match against Algeria. From those  posts which  outrightly cheered the Desert Foxes.. “Famba hako Algeria Famba..!”, to those which dismissed the coach’s selection as a joke and dare me say suggested that the coach is a clown.  Other comments suggested a 5-0 demolition of the Warriors. Then the match began.. First blood to the Foxes.. That scoreline was quickly uploaded.., 2-0 Algeria.. someone quickly posted.. “MaWarriors ofa ne masports..stop the count..!”.. Simply unbelievable
The Warriors staged a fightback but the postings went silent. “Yazoita draw..!” I came across one, the disappointment was palpable.. The doomsday did not happen.

We are divided. I understand the political division although that also should be addressed.. Divided we fall, moja ninguvu those who speak Swahili say. The Football division has always been there ( even during the Dream team) but social media has made it more visible.

Yesterday’s comeback was more a  result  of The Warriors spirit and the coach’s ability to correct mistakes. You also need your stroke of luck, He introduced Prince who scored with the first touch. But another factor contributed to this comeback, the absence of fans. 

With the attitude shown on Facebook by some imagine if they were in the stadium. Imagine 2-0 down, the Algerians in full flow.. do I hear some cheers? … Imagine 2-0 down the Warriors struggling… Do I hear the boos rising to a crescendo and engulfing the whole stadium?  We are divided! 

Why.? .. Well we need an Indaba, we need to find out why? Some are fighting proxy wars, if their  preferred man is not at the helm of Zifa, then Warriors should not qualify. Some are fighting to have their preferred coach (whoever it is) at the helm and are waiting for the  incumbent to fail. Yes for others, unless certain players are in or out then the Warriors must lose.. We are divided! 

We all want what is good for the Warriors but there seems to be conditions. We offer cures, we prescribe medicines to cure the Warriors woes. I am not a doctor, the closest I can claim proximity to the profession  is through my muzukuru Max Sidindi who is one. But that will be taking  vicarious self fulfillment to a new level!! 

But those who have studied medicine will be familiar with the term.. Prinum no nocere, it is a dictum ascribed to Hippocrates long regarded as the “father of medicine.”  It means.. “First do not harm..”  The same can be said about those powerful voices who seek to improve the Warriors.. First do not harm!
I know we cannot all be like Director Chris Romario Musekiwa. When it comes to the Warriors the man “sees, hears and speaks no evil..”  He is a rare breed.

Criticism is good, questioning the coach and players selected  is good, but let us accept that the coach has made a decision. Let us support. Let us  notvwish the worst just to prove that we were right.
Prinum no nocere… First do not harm!

PS.. Yes Chickenson was roasted, it does not make him a bad player. Many have been roasted by Mahrez before and many Warriors greats have had their fair share of roasting in the past. I hope the coach keeps him, let him learn. He was not fazed and joined the attack but Lunga showed.. kana achida hake, that left back slot is his to keep.

Well done Captain Musona( what a free kick) and crew, well done coach and his assistants and well done to all who supported the Warriors. Lest we forget, we played kuGomba, it was once condemned,  it is still work in progress but it was good to play at home..


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